Wednesday, April 30

Since I'm disappointed with the Cavs game

Let's pick on the Yankees!

I have an Indians GameCast window open as I type here (I'm out of town and without Tribe TV access) and there's been a big ad in the lower right-hand corner for single-game see the Yankees. WTF? Who the hell is going to have a GameCast up for Indians-Mariners and want to get them some New York Yankee tix? Out of curiosity, I clicked, thinking maybe it would take you to some centralized MLB ticket site, but nope, right to the Bombers' website (I closed it as quickly as possible). Weird.


dave said...

go to this

dave said...

and this one

Figgs said...

Those were pretty good Dave. I liked the Marion/Riley one, I think it was 9. And #2, about Kobe raping people.