Monday, April 7

Pro vs. NCAA hoops

This article by Kelly Dwyer raises some interesting points. I don't agree with all of what Dwyer writes here, but as someone who also prefers the NBA game to college, I feel most of it has validity.

The most important point made here is that the NCAA Tournament is primarily driven by gambling. The tournament also isn't a very effective method of crowning a champion because the winner frequently isn't the best team in the nation. In a sport with such a long regular season, a single elimination playoff tournament is not the best choice, although it certainly is exciting.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Tournament, but the NBA Playoffs are where it's at.


dave said...

Thanks for taking my comment under Andy's post "The best of the best".

I read Dwyer's articles all the time and I usually disagree with her, but this time I have to agree. She brought up something I never really thought of even though it is pretty obvious. Basically she said that College players do not have as much time to practice basketball as the pros have. The pros (at least the good ones) probably practice in some form all day every day. College players have other obligations. I never really thought of it that way because I always assumed that athletes (pro- bound ones anyway) took their academics lightly and focused all of their time on their respective sports.

Go Kobe

dave said...

I've been meaning to tell everyone to go to the NBA section of yahoo sports and click on a certain article and read the comments below. They are hilarious. I just read the article about Coach of the Year and was reading the comments. Most of the people are serious, but every now and then you get one that just tries to be funny. I recommend reading this. You won't be disappointed.