Monday, April 28


- Cavs star LeBron James, asked if he thinks the Washington Bullets can get back into their first-round playoff series, which Cleveland now leads 3-1.

Have I ever mentioned that I like having this guy on my team?


dave said...

This series with Washingtion and Cleveland really is making me dislike Washington a lot. The whole team is so caught up in this Lebron vs. Stevenson thing that they lose their heads. For some reason Stevenson thinks he is a hard ass. That one play where he essentially decapitates Lebron was ridiculous. When Lebron got up and started walking toward Stevenson, Stevenson walked right toward him in a way that said he was ready to fight Lebron right there. Come on Deshawn, you could probably kick my ass and a lot of other people's, but there is no way you could do anything to Lebron who is 6'9 and 260 pounds (according to himself, but 260 sounds like a lot to me).

Washington needs to settle the hell down and run an organized play. Not Stevenson shooting some ridiculous shot or Arenas shooting ten feet behind the three point line. All I see is a bunch of bad shots being thrown up there and a lot of trash talking that isn't being backed up.

P.S. I hate that damn word verification

Nick said...

This reminds me of the "Conflict Resolution" episode of The Office when the photographer tells Dwight to smile. "No!"