Monday, April 28

My concerns with the Indians

Before the season began I predicted on this blog the Tribe would win 99 games. At the time I didn’t have reason on my side, just a feeling that I went with. In subsequent posts on this blog I have taken a more optimistic view of my favorite baseball team and have shied away from the fear mongering that can set in so quickly with a Cleveland sports fan. Well I’ve been working this over in my mind and the following are a list of my concerns with the Tribe this season. Feel free to try to talk me out of them or add your own.

- 2006 Travis Hafner will never return. Long live our mediocre DH, hitting .226 after 93 AB. It isn’t the drop in power numbers that concerns me as the drop in BB and increase in K this season, currently at 12 and 24 (a team high) respectfully. At this moment Hafner sports career lows in OBP, SLG, and AVG even when taking into account the 62 AB he had for the Rangers in 2002. With numbers this low he can only go up, right?

- The Tribe had Cy-Young-type years from C.C. and Carmona last year and that is what it took to win 93 games. Sure, Lee is off to a great start and C.C. has turned the corner, but the injury to Westbrook removes him for a month. What does the Tribe need from this staff to make it to the playoffs again?

- Victor is without a HR in 71 AB. Thank god he is hitting .366 at this point.

- The Circle of Trust has shrunk to Perez, Betancourt, and Kobayashi. Jensen Lewis’s drop in velocity should be a concern at this point. Borowski and his 18.00 ERA can stay on the DL as long as he needs.

It isn’t all bad, though:

- The Tribe is only 2.5 games back of the White Sox.

- They’re 7-3 in their last 10.

- Did I mention Lee has a 0.28 ERA?

- Masa is pitching amazingly well. My only concern is how teams will react to his windup the second or third time they see him.

So there you have it. Really Hafner is my only major concern and he has to get better, but how much better is the question.

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Nick said...

I'd add Asdrubal Cabrera's struggles to the list of concerns. What concerns me more than AsCab's lousy numbers is that the Tribe isn't playing him regularly, suggesting that they don't have much confidence in him.