Monday, April 21

Koufos to Declare for Draft

Ohio St. big man Kosta Koufos will declare for the NBA draft, but will not hire an agent. You see this often, where players will declare to get a feel for where they will be selected, but not sign with an agent, making them eligible to take their name out of the draft and return to school.

Koufos expects to be selected in the first 15 picks. If it is brought to his attention that he may not be drafted that high, he will either return to the Buckeye City, or sign a lucrative contract to play overseas in Greece. Basically nothing has been decided and Koufus' future is still up in the air. Obviously for selfish reasons, I would really like to see Kosta back in the scarlet and grey, but I legitimately think that he still needs to get stronger and more physical before heading to the big leagues. At least one more year at Ohio St. would certainly be beneficial to him.

What scares me is that an NBA team may want to draft him too high based on potential alone. I'll keep the updates coming as the situation further develops.

P.S. Big mouth Wizard guard Deshawn Stevenson just made his first shot of the game, cutting the Cavs lead from 19 to 16. He then mocked LeBron by doing his signature John Cena "you can't see me." Does he realize his team is down quite a bit and he isn't good? King James responded by making a trey ball right back in Stevenson's face. Oh, poetic justice.

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