Sunday, March 23

Vegas Loves Cleveland

According to the sportsbook that I check frequently, the Browns are currently ranked fifth in odds to win the AFC next season.

This is a big deal for a couple of reasons. One, Vegas likes the Browns at 10-1 odds, and the Steelers at 15-1. The Browns haven't finished ahead of their arch rivals in the division standings since I was a toddler. The Browns haven't defeated the Steelers since October 5, 2003 (the famed Tim Couch Game). If an objective source projects that the Browns will best the Steelers in 2008, that's a very good sign.

Two, the Browns probably haven't been this highly regarded since at least the early '90s. That's another cause for excitement.

Can you guess which four teams were given better odds than the Browns? You already have a clue: one of them isn't the Steelers. Highlight the invisible text below to see if you guessed correctly.

Patriots (2-1), Chargers (7-2), Colts (7-2), Jags (6-1).


Andy said...

I love Cleveland too - how about that?

JHH said...

It nice to see the Browns getting a little respect. I wonder too if this is also due to the free-agency signings giving the Browns a boost. Things could be reevaluated post-draft but it's tough to argue with what the front office did at this point. Now once the NFL season starts we can have that discussion anew.