Monday, March 10


Not related to Cleveand sports here, but I saw yesterday that Phoenix's professional basketball team yesterday sported a logo that said "Los Suns," perhaps in an effort to appeal to Phoenix's Latino population.

Here's the thing: "sun" in Spanish isn't "sun." It's "sol." You can't just put a Spanish definite article in front of an English noun and have it magically turn into a Spanish noun. I don't root for Los Cavs, Los Browns, Los Indians, and Los Buckeyes; me gustan Los Caballeros, Los Cafés, Los Indios, y...well, OK, Los Buckeyes.

Maybe the problem was that the plural "Suns" en español would have been Los Soles, and Phoenix's management didn't want people to think they were talking about the bottoms of shoes, or perhaps even fish. Either that or they couldn't afford a translator.

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