Thursday, March 20

FCF's newest member

Author's Note: Nick wrote about half of this.

I'm excited to announce that John Hawkins, proprietor of the newly relaunched Blah Blah Blog, will be joining Nick and me as we continue this endeavor. John is a welcome addition, and his added presence gives us a full-fledged (Cleveland sports) love triangle.

The JHH will likely be focusing his energies on the Tribe (Indians, to the layperson), but look for his work on other teams and topics as well.

From all (both) of us at FCF: welcome aboard, Hawk!

Editor's note: Nick wrote the half that isn't very good, like that bizarre "love triangle" thing. I hope John hasn't been scared away.

Author's Note: I live by the principle that anything homoerotic is funny. Sue me.

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