Wednesday, March 26

C.C. Pitches & Opening Day Gets Closer

I'm told that at the time of this writing that there are only 4 days and 16 hours left until Opening Day, and yes - the season starting in Japan is weird and I don't like change.

While I was away the Tribe beat both the Yankees and Astros, in spring training games. You have to like how the Tribe went out and roughed up Roy Oswalt today. Oswalt went 3.2 innings and didn't record a strike-out in throwing 91 pitches. While he did give up 5 runs, he was only charged with 1 earned run. C.C. posted a 7 inning, 3 run outing while walking none and striking out six. The next time C.C. pitches is against the White Sox on the 31st. Dellucci has done an OK job after fighting off the ever-difficult spring training sore forearm injury and Jensen Lewis had his first really bad relief appearance of the spring.

In other Tribe news, we finally have what amounts to the Opening Day roster. The bullpen spots have gone to Julio and Breslow, who has so far pitched 1 spring training inning with the Tribe. Mastny was optioned to AAA. Nothing here should be surprising and as far as I'm concerned, the more bullpen depth the better.

On completely different topic, the DiaTribe has a lengthy article going into more predictive detail on the Tribe's upcoming season than I could muster even if I was being paid. The title of "In a Boy's Dream" says it all. Over at Let's Go Tribe their website has been remade and while no asked me, I think it's well done. Finally, on this line of thinking I have to mention Terry Pluto's ode to Spring Training. Call it sappy, but I can't help but be positive about what lays ahead for us all.

Just in case you were wondering, and judging by the comments you weren't, the Tribe have their final game ever at Winter Haven tomorrow against the Rays. Did you know they dropped the "Devil"? The final two warm-up games are against the Braves in Atlanta. I guess at that point they're called exhibition games.

Go Tribe!

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