Monday, February 4

Super Bowl wrapup

A few notes from Sunday's Super Bowl:

- That was a terrific game. Two very good football teams playing a very good football game, the way we hope it will be each year, except for hoping that the game will involve the Browns. I'm happy the Giants won, no doubt, but I really liked the game either way. It's easy to be hyperbolic, but this is one of the three best Super Bowls I've seen. The other two are Rams-Titans (the Kevin Dyson game) and Pats-Rams (Brady's late-game drive and Vinatieri's kick). Pats-Panthers was close. You know what Super Bowl sucked? The one with the Ravens, that's which one.

- As far as difficult losses to stomach go, this one has to rank fairly low for Patriots fans. Yeah, you don't get the undefeated season, but you've got your 18 straight wins and three Super Bowls this decade to fall back on. I think they'll get through this.

- Well done, Tom Petty. Let's get him every year.

- Asked for my "check" and ended up with a shot of "Jack" instead. Talk about a dilemma! I declined the whiskey.

- I miss the Bud Bowl. Just the first two, with the animated bottles playing beer bottle football. That was brilliance.

- Bill Belichick: classy guy. I especially liked him storming off and trying to end the game with 1 second left on the clock. Watching him have to deal with the loss made it even more fun for me. I didn't care for him getting that 12 men on the field penalty called. Yes, I know according to the letter of the law, it was correct, but it really had nothing to do with anything football-related. It just seemed pathetic to me. I understand he's the coach and his objective is to win, but I place some value on sportsmanship as well. Maybe that's why I'm not a professional coach.

- Some dumb commercials (bye, bye $3 million) and some very good ones. My favorites:
* The ugly chick rubbing the peanuts on herself was solid. Funny, but to me, peanuts make chicks look uglier. Fucking peanuts.
* The giant mouse busting through the wall and attacking the dude with the Doritos was excellent.
* with the dude who brought the guy to fight the dealer in the ring of fire was pretty funny.
* Will Ferrell's Bud Light ad was far and away the best of the evening. "Bud Light: suck one." The best spot since Terry Tate.

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