Thursday, February 28

Random roundup

A quick comment on each of the city's three clubs:

Cavs: Wally Szczerbiak's wife gave birth to the couple's third child, which is named: Maximus Szczerbiak. Good luck with that, kid.

Tribe: We all remember 3rd-base coach Joel Skinner's decision not to send Kenny Lofton home in Fenway Park during last year's ALCS. A story in today's PD reveals that Skinner has not watched a video of the play. According to JS, "I can't afford to second-guess myself. I have to deal in the now."

Yes you can afford to second-guess yourself, if it helps you make better decisions in the future, or "the now." Players and coaches watch video all the time for this very reason. If you don't want to watch it because it's a bad memory, I can respect that, but don't pretend.

Browns: A fond farewell to Orpheus Roye, who for a number of years labored as arguably the best player on some really bad Browns clubs. A solid professional and team guy, I hope Browns fans appreciate what he contributed.

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