Thursday, February 21

All-sport team rankings

Thought I'd put this out here to see where my priorities currently are. I wrote about this on my main blog and have here restricted it to the major sports. The Cleveland Gladiators may crack this list before long.

1) Cleveland Indians (#1 with a bullet)
2) Cleveland Browns (They were #2 even when they sucked!)
3) Cleveland Cavaliers (I've been really enjoying the Cavs and the NBA)
4) Ohio State Buckeyes Football (this says something about the Cleveland teams when the Buckeyes have been so successful and still only place this high)
5) Pittsburgh Penguins (I know, this is an Ohio sports blog, but this is how things are)
6) Cleveland State basketball (A rising star)
7) Pittsburgh Panthers/Ohio State Buckeyes basketball (I'm a major college hoops bigamist)
8) Lake Erie Monsters
9) Pittsburgh Pirates (my NL team; nothing more)

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