Thursday, January 3

NFL Picks: Wild-Card Weekend

It just won't be the same without the Brown and Orange. Well, it will be exactly the same as the past four years, but you know what I mean.

Final standings:
Nick: 70-55-1
Andy: 61-64-1

SEAHAWKS (-2.5) vs Redskins
Andy: The Redskins are playing hard for their fallen comrade, but the Seahawks have been here and are tough at Qwest Field, so I'm taking the 'Hawks.
Nick: Seahawks. The Redskins are frauds.

STEELERS (+2.5) vs Jaguars
Andy: A tough one here, with the road team favored, but Jacksonville looks like a solid, durable playoff competitor so I'm taking them.
Nick: Jacksonville. I hate giving points on the road, but Pittsburgh's limping into the postseason.

BUCS (-3) vs Giants
Andy: I'm weird with the Bucs - I always say I think they're not good, but I pick them a lot. Well, it's playoff time, and I still don't think they're good. Giants.
Nick: Giants. Time to break that playoff losing streak. The Giants are pretty talented, the Bucs aren't.

CHARGERS (-10) vs Titans
Andy: The Chargers are definitely a better team and I think they'll win, but on coaching matchup alone I'm taking the Titans and the points here.
Nick: Chargers. The Chargers are rolling, and they're my dark horse pick in the AFC.

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