Thursday, January 10

NFL Picks: Divisional Round

PACKERS (-8) vs. Seahawks
Andy: My least favorite game of the week. Seattle is a different club on the road; 7-1 in the Emerald City and just 3-5 away from noisy Qwest Field. I've been underestimating the Pack all year, and playing in the cold for Favre gives them a huge boost. But eight points? I wouldn't bet this one either way, but I think I'm going to take the Packers here.
Nick: Seahawks. The Seahawks have experience coming out the yin-yang, a short passing game that won't be hurt by lousy weather, and as great a job Mike McCarthy did this season, I'll take Holmgren in the playoffs. Seattle just might win this game outright, and I love them with eight freebies.

PATRIOTS (-13) vs. Jaguars
Andy: Jags. Too many points.
Nick: Jaguars. This is the one game I probably won't touch this weekend. I don't think the Jags are as good as they're being made out to be, and they might be banged up this weekend. Everyone's gushing over David Garrard, but his mistakes let Pittsburgh climb back into the game. That said, I can't give 13 in the playoffs, and I would consider betting this game if the line gets up to 14.

COLTS (-8.5) vs. Chargers
Andy: Colts. With the big lines this week, I'm mostly content to take the road dogs, but I like the Colts at home in the playoffs playing a possibly Antonio Gates-less Charger club coached by Norv Turner.
Nick: Colts. The Chargers looked really bad last weekend, and the Colts will torch them. I locked myself into this game on Sunday night and bought down to -7, just to play it safe. This game is my lock of the week.

COWBOYS (-7.5) vs. Giants
Andy: Giants. This is my favorite game on the board - lots of uncertainty around the Cowboys and the Giants are playing well and with confidence, plus they're an outstanding road team. Dallas may win, but I'm happy to have the TD in my pocket.
Nick: Cowboys. Another game that I bought down to -7, but I'm nervous about this one. The bottom line is I still don't have a ton of faith in the Giants, Eli's due to lay an egg, Owens will be back, and teams with a bye win at an alarming rate. I think Dallas will get it done.

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