Friday, January 25

Andy's amazing live sports winning streak

I just want everyone to know about the fantastic luck I've had over the past few years when attending sporting events in person. This is getting ridiculous. Check me out:

Cavs: Have not lost with me present since LeBron joined the team. This includes at least five games (Bulls, 76ers, Lakers, Bobcats, Kings) that I can remember, and perhaps even more. Note that this is LeBron's fifth year with the club.

Indians: Last time I saw the Tribe lose was, I believe, at Milkey's bachelor party in early 2005, the one where I later ate an entire pizza and incapacitated myself for the night. Since then I the Tribe has won at least the past four I've been in the stands for, including road wins in Detroit and Baltimore.

Browns: Nick correctly pointed out that I don't have a winning streak with the Browns; the last time I went was their infamous 2005 Christmas Eve game against Pittsburgh. I do sport a 2-0 lifetime mark in non-Steeler games, though.

OSU Football: At least six straight wins in the horseshoe - this is one where you'd fully expect me to have success since OSU rarely loses at home. These six include two each over Penn State and Michigan, an easy win over Illinois, and a triple-overtime thriller to beat Philip Rivers and North Carolina State.

Albany sports: During my time in New York's state capital, I attended some minor-league events; two AHL games featuring the River Rats, two CBA games with the Patroons, and one AFL2 game with the Conquest. 5-0, of course.

Pitt Panthers: 2-0 basketball, 1-0 football. Ho hum.

Cleveland State Basketball: Hey, why not? Made my debut last night and they beat rival Valpo.

The streak doesn't seem to extend to Pittsburgh's pro clubs, as I left with modest losing streaks (maybe only 1 game) with both the Penguins and Pirates. Hell, maybe I should catch a game at Heinz Field :)

In my experience, there is a such thing as luck.

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