Friday, December 21

NFL Picks: Week 16

RAMS (+7.5) vs Squealers
Andy: Rams
Nick: Rams

PANTHERS (+10.5) vs Pokes
Andy: Cowboys
Nick: Cowgirls

(Here I am, 0-2 going into Sunday again -Andy)

BEN-GALS (+1) vs Browns
Andy: Fucking Browns!
Nick: Browns

DA BEARS (+9) vs The Pack
Andy: Pack
Nick: Packers

COLTS (-7) vs Texans
Andy: Texans
Nick: Indianians

GOD'S TEAM (-4.5) vs Chieves
Andy: Lions
Nick: Lions

BUFFALOES (+1) vs G-men
Andy: Giants
Nick: Bills

JAGONS (-13.5) vs Darth Raiders
Andy: Raiders
Nick: Jags

AIN'TS (-3) vs Iggles
Andy: Saints
Nick: Saints

CARDINALS (-10) vs Dirty Birds
Andy: The Cardinals giving 10 points? What is this world coming to? Falcons.
Nick: Cardinals

GOLD-DIGGERS (+6) vs Yeeargh!
Andy: Bucs
Nick: Bucs

SEA CHICKENS (-11) vs Baltimorons
Andy: Ravens
Nick: Seahawks

Titanss (-9) vs J!E!T!S!
Andy: Titans
Nick: Titans

PATSIES (-22) vs Dolphish
Andy: Dolphins
Nick: Patriots

VIKES (-6.5) vs 'Skins
Andy: Redskins
Nick: Vikings

BOLTS (-9) vs Ponies
Andy: Broncos
Nick: Chargers

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