Sunday, December 9

NFL Picks: Week 14

REDSKINS (-3) vs. Bears
Andy: Bears
Nick: Redskins (No way Bucko, no forfeits here)
(Try to make it on time, next time. I doubt Vegas would let you make this pick on Saturday night.)

LIONS (+10.5) vs Cowboys
Andy: Cowboys
Nick: Cowboys

BILLS (-7) vs Dolphins
Andy: Bills
Nick: Bills (the Dolphins will win this game)
(Odd, then, that you picked the Bills.)

EAGLES (-2.5) vs Giants
Andy: Giants
Nick: Giants

JAGUARS (-10.5) vs Panthers
Andy: Panthers
Nick: Jags

TITANS (PK) vs Chargers
Andy: Titans
Nick: Chargers

BENGALS (-7) vs Rams
Andy: Bengals
Nick: Bengals (They have killed me this year)

PACKERS (-10.5) vs Raiders
Andy: Raiders
Nick: Pack

PATRIOTS (-10.5) vs Steelers
Andy: Steelers
Nick: Pats

TEXANS (+3) vs Bucs
Andy: Bucs
Nick: Bucs

SEAHAWKS (-7) vs Cardinals
Andy: Seahawks
Nick: Seahawks

NINERS (+8.5) vs Vikings
Andy: Vikings
Nick: Vikings

JETS (+3.5) vs Browns
Andy: Browns!
Nick: Browns

BRONCOS (-6.5) vs Chiefs
Andy: Broncos
Nick: Broncos

RAVENS (+9) vs Colts
Andy: Colts (feel free to edit this, slacker)
Unlike some of us, I'll have them all in before gametime...
Nick: Colts (I'm cuckoo for favorites!)

FALCONS (+4) over Saints
Andy: Saints
Nick: Saints

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