Saturday, November 24

NFL Picks: Week 12

Last Week
Andy: 7-8-1
Nick: 10-5-1

Year To Date
Andy: 16-13-1
Nick: 22-7-1

LIONS (+3) vs. Packers

Andy: Lions
Nick: Packers

COWBOYS (-14) vs. Jets
Andy: Cowboys
Nick: Cowboys

FALCONS (+12) vs. Colts
Andy: Colts
Nick: Colts

BEARS (-2) vs. Broncos
Andy: Broncos
Nick: Broncos

BENGALS (+1) vs. Titans
Andy: Titans
Nick: Bengals

JAGUARS (-7.5) vs. Bills
Andy: Bills
Nick: Bills

CHIEFS (-5) vs. Raiders
Andy: Chiefs (would anyone actually bet on this game?)
Nick: Chiefs

BROWNS (-3.5) vs. Texans
Andy: Browns
Nick: Browns

RAMS (+3) vs. Seahawks
Andy: Seahawks
Nick: Seahawks

GIANTS (-7.5) vs. Vikings
Andy: Giants
Nick: Giants

PANTHERS (+3) vs. Saints
Andy: Saints
Nick: Panthers

BUCCANEERS (-3) vs. Redskins
Andy: Bucs
Nick: Redskins

CARDINALS (-10) vs. 49ers
Andy: Cards
Nick: Cardinals

CHARGERS (-9) vs. Ravens
Andy: Chargers
Nick: Chargers

PATRIOTS (-22.5) vs. Eagles
Andy: Eagles (on principle, I have to take 22.5 points in an NFL game)
Nick: Patriots (I'll take them until they burn me)

STEELERS (-16) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Steelers
Nick: Steelers

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